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Radical Transformation...Are you ready to change your life?

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Hi Everyone

Today marks a whole new chapter and beginning for me as I am ready to launch the next project I've been working on since Nov 2017. I didn't know that at the time but this is when it started taking form. Instead of focusing on one skill, I am ready to merge them all under one umbrella and BE fully me...

I was living in China back then, teaching English, History and Business Management to my beloved High School students at an International School. On the surface, I was living the dream. I'd proven my worth time and time again in my field and was teaching a variety of interesting topics and given free reign as to how I wanted to implement that. I had financial abundance with time out to travel and for the first time wasn't living pay check to pay check and I REALLY loved teaching my students as I do with all my students over the years.

For me, Teaching is not just imparting knowledge but showing students how to to take that knowledge and transform it into wisdom to use in the real world. I observe and get to know each student personally and that has been my code of honor each step along this path.

Teaching is also a vocation and the most glorious profession and there is nowhere I feel more alive than in a classroom or teaching a workshop BUT part of me was still feeling unfulfilled and that slight whisper of discontent turned into a much louder lament of the soul and it started getting louder and louder until it could not be ignored anymore. In Feb 2018 I had to make a choice if I wanted to renew my contract but I knew it was time to move on and leave teaching in schools once and for all. It looked like I was committing professional suicide, I had worked my way up over the 6 years honing my craft in different schools in different countries and if I had done one more year by the end of it I would have been able to teach English and Business in any IB International School around the world but my soul didn't want that...It had other plans.

I had worked in Public/Private and International Schools trying to find the right fit for me as a teacher and a place which would honor the students educational growth, but each curriculum underneath their vacuous promises of worldly wisdom was stifling and the structure and rules of each school felt oppressive in a different guise...It was time for RADICAL TRANSFORMATION and I was ready.

The first thing you must do when you finish anything in your life is to REFLECT. Take time out to unwind and let the situation breathe and reveal to you its lessons. Everything is a gift so you have to look at it and see what it has given you.

1. Teaching was a passport to allow me to travel allowing me to immerse myself into different cultures, learning new languages and creating the most amazing relationships with people from all over the world.

2. It allowed me to hone my craft - I taught students of all ages from Kindergarten to Adults, 1-1 to large groups of 43. I also got the opportunity to teach people from all over the world and learned so much.

3. It allowed me to become CONSCIOUS of the English Language. Grammar hasn't been taught in the UK since the 1960's and I had to study all the nuances in depth which I love and no I'm more aware of the words I choose and why I choose to use them

3. It taught me flow...Whenever I begin a lesson I feel comfortable knowing intuitively where it is going and can expand or contract when necessary. I also feel comfortable talking in front of large groups of people now.

It was time for me to leave conventional teaching and to seal the deal I had been putting off getting a tattoo for years but as a 40th Birthday Present to myself, I said FUCK IT and got one slap bang on my right hand that extends just past my wrist and it is glorious. I designed it with the tattoo artist and it is very personal to me and each day when I look at it, it fires me up and both inspires me and reminds me to go out into the world and create and to be the fullest expression of myself that I can be without compromise. No more dimming my light to fit any molds, we are all here to shine and burn as the brightest beacons we can be thus inspiring others through action.

'Radical Transformation requires 3 things from you to be FABulous: You must be Fearless, Absolute and Bold (FAB)'

1. FEARLESS - No one of no thing can hold you back from living your best life regardless of whatever shows up.

2. ABSOLUTE - You need to be Impeccable with your word and have Integrity. In other words if you say your gonna do something you must follow through every time which builds trust and certainty as you become a person of your word.

3. BOLD - You need to stretch your boundaries and dream big and go big. I chose to go teach in S Korea a country I had never really thought of before or done much research on and it was the BEST decision I've ever made. The bolder the choice the greater the benefit.

BE FABulous in every way folks and go live your best lives. Listen to your calling, it will always be there to guide you!!

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