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Day 10: The Benefits of Daily Meditation & How to control your Thoughts/Emotions #22DayChallenge

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

So far in this blog, I have focused on nutrition and exercise but there has been a third aspect to this challenge which helps with mental clarity and emotional balancing and that is a good daily meditation routine.

If we look into the sky, the clouds represent our thoughts. Sometimes we have big grey clouds floating by and other days we have smaller white clouds and on great days we have a perfectly blue sky without a cloud in sight. Every day is different in our internal/external worlds due to a fundamental Universal Law called: The Law of Impermanence where nothing remains the same.

Through the practice of daily meditation, we become the sun in this image, learning to shine more brightly and allowing the suns rays to break down big grey clouds into smaller clouds until they begin to disperse and dissipate.

The waves in this picture represent our emotions and sometimes we have big choppy waves that can knock us off centre and other days the sea can remain perfectly calm. The cycles of the moon control those waves and through the practice of daily meditation we become the moon and can start to bring those emotions back into balance but this takes practice and daily discipline. The word emotion broken down is E:Motion which means (Energy in Motion) if we have a strong reaction to some emotional trigger those waves get bigger but through meditation, you begin to feel those emotions, observe them, ask them why they are there and what they want from you and allow them to pass by. This is called the process of self-inquiry which is something I do for myself and with my students and clients and show them how they can do it for themselves.

When it comes to Meditation many people struggle to quiet their minds and then give up thinking that it's not working, but let me help you to look at it from another perspective...

According to Abraham Hicks, it takes 17 secs of focused thought for it to take form and at that 17-second marker another universal law called: The Law of Attraction kicks in and like a magnet, you start attracting another similar thought and if we allow that to build momentum to the 34-second marker than the energy doubles again and so on. It is the same process in Biology; one cell becomes 2 which then multiply and become 4, then 8, then 16 and so on. This is called The Mushroom Effect

I want you to think about this, maybe for the first time and start applying it to your thinking and emotional reactions. If you have just received good news and you are excited then this could be a positive thing. Let that energy build momentum and take it as far as you can. Another favourite old teacher of mine Bashar also says

'Follow the path of your highest excitement and keep following it until you reach its maximum potential. Then find the next thought that equally excites you and keep following that until you start building up enough momentum to carry you through to attracting better and better things'

The Law of Attraction works the same in building positive/negative momentum so start observing your thoughts if you don't do so already.

Are you planting SEEDS or WEEDS in the garden of your mind?

Thankfully we have that 17-second buffer. If you feel yourself thinking a thought that doesn't serve you it is ok if you catch it within those 17 seconds and CHOOSE to focus on a more pleasing thought. Try turning it around and ask yourself...

Is this thought I'm thinking true?

If it is not then it is easy to turn it around but if a really powerful negative thought comes up and is fuelled by a powerful emotion you have to bring in a more powerful tool.

Music is powerful. I go into my music library and start listening to my favourite music which usually does the trick. Sometimes I start singing or dancing to that music. These are both forms of meditation in themselves so if like me you like to do both then that is following your highest excitement and reverses the momentum.

Thoughts are like vehicles and emotions are the fuel to those vehicles so I hope this blog helps you to look at Meditation and your thoughts/emotions in a more conscious way.

We are all powerful creators...What choices are you going to make today to make your life more beautiful and what weeds are you ready to remove from your mind?

As I hit the publish button on this blog I am just about to start my daily meditation and tomorrows blog I will teach you a simple meditation technique

DAILY TIP: Gratitude is also a powerful tool which I will write about in another blog but start thinking about all the things you are grateful for right now in your life and tap into the emotion of pure joy that you have those in your life

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