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Day 3 - The importance of not weighing yourself every day whilst Dieting/Detoxing #22DayChallenge

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Day 3 is complete and my body is loving all the goodness flowing into it. After the first celery juice, my bloating went down significantly and within 3 days it's completely gone so that is a great sign. I also woke up earlier this morning with more mental clarity so hopefully, this all builds and continues.

In today's blog, I wanted to make sure you are setting yourself up for success by not weighing yourself every day. Detoxing is a marathon, not a sprint so the body needs to adjust and it will go through many phases over these 22 days.

From past experience of watching people dieting/detoxing, I feel that if you weigh yourself every day and you see that you have not lost anything that it can be a great demotivator. It is better to weigh yourself at the end of the first week and if that is too difficult then weigh yourself every third day. By doing this you remain focused only on the detox/diet and allow it to do its job and if you see on the third day that you have not lost anything then you need to recalibrate and ask yourself what you can do differently?

Maybe you need to increase the amount of water you're drinking as this flushes everything out or maybe you need to alternate your exercise routine? Every person is different so trust your instinct on what you can do to make these 22 days work the best they can for you and let your body show you what it needs each day.

I have not done any exercise yet but I ordered a skipping rope on amazon and waiting for it arrive which should arrive soon.

In conclusion, make sure you have a clear goal of what you want to achieve in this challenge and set yourself up for success!!

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