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Day 6 - Choosing Cardio +10 min routine to stay active during lockdown #22DayChallenge

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

The main thing I have missed out on during lockdown is exercise so I decided that during this challenge I would choose a form of cardio that will work for me and I decided to order a skipping rope on amazon which arrived today woo hoo!!

I'm very excited by this new addition as it also has a counter which lets me know how many rotations I have done. I can gauge my progress and It is also a great motivator to see your daily progress so I would highly recommend getting one.

There are many forms of cardio, so why did I choose skipping?

I chose skipping because it can be done anywhere and even when I go travelling again, I can pack it in my suitcase easily and continue with the routine. I also found this great 10-minute beginner workout video with Brandon Epstein from Jump Rope Dudes which incorporates skipping with other cardio exercises. This is a great place to start off and then when I rebuild my fitness level I can keep progressing

There are many different forms of cardio out there, the most important thing is to choose something you'll enjoy rather than it feeling like a daily chore, again another step that sets you up for success to build momentum

You can go for a....

  • 30 min power walk or jog

  • Take an online exercise class such as Zumba.

  • Youtube one of your favourite songs and learn a choreographed dance routine

  • Or your traditional lunges, burpees, squats routine

Choose wisely, your body will love you!!

DAILY TIP: I just read that skipping burns the most calories out of all the at-home cardio exercises at 1000 calories per hour compared to walking which is just 300.

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