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Day 8 - Shiatsu & Reflexology Tips on relieving Sluggish Digestion #22DayChallenge

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Today marks the beginning of Week 2 of this challenge. At this stage of all my challenges. I stop and look at how I'm doing at meeting my original goals. So far, I've exceeded my expectations of Goal #1 (Losing excess weight) so I wanted to turn my attention to Goal #2 (Rebalancing my digestive system) in this blog. After doing research I decided the below methods work best for me and I hope they resonate with you too.

Normally my bowels run as regularly as clockwork but due to less fibre on this detox my bowels have needed a little encouragement so this post is for you if you are going through sluggish digestion or constipation

When I went to Thailand for the first time in March 2006, I went to an amazing spa on Koh Samui called Spa Samui and was taught a new technique called Ampuku which is a Japanese therapy created to stimulate the colon.

Lots of people take 2 weeks off to fly out here and do a detox. They have a restaurant which has been consistently voted in the top 50 best in the world over the last 20 years because of their amazing innovative chefs who come from around the world and focus on raw food. They create healthy and super tasty food at Thai prices so it's a win/win situation. They also do cooking courses if you want to continue with the suggested diet so you are set up for success when you get home.

Their spa treatments are also the best I have ever had, there is one treatment called 'The Workz' which starts off with a Herbal Steam Room, then when you get out there is a pot of lemongrass tea waiting for you in the garden. Once you've drunk your tea you are led by a masseuse to the outdoor sala and get wrapped in an aloe vera body wrap whilst they apply a thick mud mask over your face. It is super thick and you lie there for 30 mins in pure bliss and after they washed it away all the lines on my forehead had completely disappeared like magic. Then a 2-hour massage takes place which is a combination of an oil massage (they choose specific oils for your skin and rub it in deeply to your body) followed by a Thai Massage and bend and stretch your body getting rid of any knots and bringing it back to full flexibility. After the massage is complete you are taken to the garden again to drink a glass of watermelon juice and a seasonal fruit platter which fills the body with all the essential nutrients needed. You feel like a million dollars afterwards and all this costs £13 but I always leave them a generous tip as they take such good care of you.

I fell in love with Spa Samui and have been 3 times. They have 2 resorts; one on the beach and one in the jungle if you want more privacy. A free shuttle bus takes you between resorts if you want to go to the beach and be social. I will post the link below if going to a detox spa is something you'd like to do and here is a video of the therapists at the spa doing Ampuku in one of the outdoor salas.

Now I will explain the Ampuku technique...What you need to do is to use the heel of your palm or tips of your fingers as an acupressure tool and press in for 1-2 minutes (depending on the level of sluggishness) and then release. You do this in a clockwork way and some areas you will feel more than others so use your own discretion on how long you apply the pressure and start at 12 o clock then move to 1 o clock position 2,3 and so on. This stimulates the meridians and your internal organs benefit also.

Source: Youtube Video by Vanicci London

I have also included a 5-minute Shiatsu video that shows you step by step which areas to press on but in a more complex way. Ampuku is more gentle so try both and see which one works best for you. Shiatsu is also a Japanese therapy and this is where the Ampuku technique came from which is why I have included this.

Source: Youtube Video by The Kushi Institute

Reflexology is also a quick and easy way to work on digestive issues by stimulating the corresponding organs in the body. Below is a short video that shows you how to stimulate the stomach, intestines and other points that are beneficial for sluggish digestion. When doing a detox lots of toxins from the body that rise up looking for a release can cause headaches. This video also shows where the acupressure point is to relieve those. Thankfully by drinking lots of water every day, I haven't had a headache but I thought this might be beneficial to some of you.

Source: Michelle Ebbin (Modern Mum) Youtube Video

I hope these techniques help you get back to or maintain good digestive health. These are the tools which will help me master goal number 2. I encourage you to find tools that work for you on your own personal challenge along with the celery juice

DAILY TIP - Review your goals for your own personal plan on this 22 Day Challenge. The goals remain the same but how you get there changes as you do this challenge. Keep what is working with your body and let go of what's not and don't be afraid to try to new things.

If you would like any help in creating your own personal plan, click on the link below and I would be happy to help

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