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Day 1: Losing Excess Weight Gained During Lockdown #22DayChallenge

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Hi Everyone

It's June 22 and I have decided that today is the best time to launch another 22 Day Challenge during the coronavirus lockdown which you're all welcome to join in on. Every day I will be adding new tips which have been researched, tried and tested by me as fantastic catalysts for improving your overall health and well-being during this time. I hope they inspire you in some way as they have inspired me.

I don't know about you, but during this lockdown, I have increased my time in the kitchen trying out lots of new recipes, had less opportunity to exercise and increased my snacking. Extra pounds were insidiously creeping up on me so I weighed myself for the first time this year and the scales showed me I am now 2 stone and 2 lbs over my normal weight range (see photo below). Needless to say, that gave me a huge jolt to get back into shape and sparked the birth of this new challenge as I realised by now many people would be feeling like they're in the same boat.

Between the ages of 25-40 I managed to stay within a 12-13 stone range which was perfect for me, but now I'm in my 40s and my body is changing and I need to update that plan and the only way to do that is through trial and error, seeing what is working and not working.

Below is a link where you can enter your height/weight to find out your BMI. My BMI is currently 27.2 and this is classified as (overweight) It also has a lot of other useful info you can check out

My Personal Goal over these next 22 days is to start working on losing that extra 2 stone 2 lbs by using a mixture of tips I will be writing about over this journey. Every Sunday I will also be doing a Facebook Live @3pm (UK Time) which is on my page at the link below, to let people know how I'm feeling by the end of the week and talking about what seems to be working or not working. I will also weigh myself to see how much weight I've lost within those 7 days.

My mum is also ready to hit the reset button and is joining me so it will be interesting to see what happens along the way. One thing I've always been good at is getting myself back in shape when I need to, although I've never been this far outside my normal weight range. That is also what I'm loving about this though, I am so ready to reset and its time for this challenge to get on its way.

I hope you get inspired to join in and try some of the tips I will be posting over the next 22 days and let me know how they worked for you. I have posted below a photo of my starting weight which is 15 stone and 2 lbs and will be updating my progress at the end of each week.


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