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Day 11 - 3 Different Ways to enjoy Meditation #22DayChallenge

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Yesterday I was writing about The Benefits of Meditation and tips on how to control your Thoughts/Emotions so if you haven't read that blog check out Day 10

Today, I want to show you 3 different forms of Meditation. We are all different so one of these may resonate with you more than the others...

  1. Focusing on the breath - I used to teach Meditation workshops in Belfast for all levels and this is one of the basic techniques which everyone can do regardless of whether you are a beginner or have been meditating for years. In the future, I plan to turn it into an MP3 but for the purpose of this blog, it is in written form. It really teaches you how to focus, quiet the mind and get into a good flow with your breathwork which for me is the catalyst and most important part of meditation.

STEP 1: Sit comfortably in an upright chair and stomp your feet on the ground 10 times. This gets all of the energy flowing down to your feet and gets you ready for Grounding

STEP 2: Close your eyes and place both feet firmly on the ground. I want you to feel/visualise your feet sinking into the earth like quicksand and then visualise a vine coming up from the earth wrapping around both feet.

STEP 3: Ask to receive energy to come up from the Earth and into your feet or visualise this happening. Your intention is the most important thing so make the connection in the best way you can and then allow the energy to move slowly up your legs through your ankles, into your calves, your knees, up to your thighs and moving up into your torso until it comes all the way up to your heart area and then PAUSE.

STEP 4: Now visualise the sun above your head and ask it to shine its light and energy into all of your chakras and energy centres. (Don't worry if you're a beginner you don't need to know where the chakras or energy centres are the intention is enough and it will do so automatically) Feel each chakra filling up with the energy of the sun until they become fully energised like little suns and direct the energy to move down into your physical body through your crown (top of the head) into your third eye (forehead) moving down your head and into your throat and pause, feeling each one fill up with beautiful light energy until they also look like little suns. Then move the energy down into your shoulders and down your arms into the elbows and into the wrists and hands until you feel your fingers tingle with energy in both hands. Allow the energy to move back up your hands, back into your elbows and up into the shoulders again and now feel the energy moving down your upper torso and into your lungs and chest and again. PAUSE when you get to the heart area and allow the two energies of the Earth/Sun to merge together. (As you do this regularly you will begin to feel tingles as this happens.

STEP 5: This is when we start to focus on the breath. Take a deep breath in through your nose all the way down into your stomach/abdomen and then breathe out through your nose. Find your own natural pace and rhythm it will be different for everyone but what I have told my past students is to visualise the tide flowing in and out, ebbing and flowing and as you're breathing that will help you to find your own rhythm.

STEP 6: Just continue this process of breathing in and out not thinking of anything only focusing on each breath and do it for as long as you can. Play some music in the background I have included a youtube video of music I like listening to when I do meditation to give you one less thing to think about. Try to meditate every day, the best time is first thing in the morning or at the end of your day. Find a time that works best for you and stick to it.

2. GUIDED MEDITATION - I love travel and exploration in all forms whether it's exploring the outside world or the inner world so any meditation that can take me on a journey is something I've always enjoyed. I am also deeply curious about the universe, quantum physics and the mystery of our DNA. Now that we have mapped the world, we are starting to look more closely at the universe, and ask bigger questions about what else is lying dormant within our DNA waiting to be accessed and tapped into.

2 years ago I was listening to a radio show and heard 2 people talk about their work and my interest was piqued as it was all about these areas. Prageet has a background in Engineering and in 1989 felt drawn to build a structure called 'The Stargate' which amplifies energy and allows us through meditation to go much deeper than I've ever gone before. Jules was born in 1989 and roll on 20 something years later where their paths crossed and they realised the serendipity of the moment and have been working together ever since creating amazing workshops that help us to explore our multidimensional selves whilst channelling a higher consciousness called Alcazar. If you're reading this and it sounds like something you would like to explore deeper I have provided a link below to their workshops. I love the simplicity of their guided meditations which start off, in the same way, allowing the energy to build and then we are taken on a journey perfectly created for our consciousness at that moment. There are many workshops available with different themes which you can find by clicking on the online courses section at the top of the page.

It is only through direct experience that you can say that something works for you or doesn't. I signed up for a package which included the Youthing Program which is 1 month long and focuses on different aspects every week. I referenced this also because towards the end of this blog I will write about a secondary inspired side challenge on the science of longevity for the human body which coincidentally also focuses on these 4 areas and expands on that.

The guided meditations below have to be done in order as they build momentum and create biophotonic energy which acts as a catalyst to activate our Telomeres, Mitochondria and Stem Cells in a much more beneficial way.

WEEK 1 - Telomeres

WEEK 2 - Mitochondria

WEEK 3 - Stem Cells

WEEK 4 - Releasing Fears

As soon as I did the first meditation I knew it was for me and have done the majority of their courses which has helped me a lot so here is the link below if you would like to try it out for yourself

3. SLEEP MEDITATION - If you have trouble falling asleep, I would highly recommend trying sleep meditations. The person I'm most fond of is called Dauchsy. His voice is so soothing and calm and perfect for drifting off to sleep peacefully. Each meditation has a different theme and as you start to fall asleep it plays on and your subconscious picks up all of the positive affirmations whilst you are sleeping and you wake up feeling focused and empowered. The meditations last between 2-3 hrs. I have included one for people having trouble sleeping or who are prone to overthinking.

DAILY TIP - Try out all 3 of these techniques to see which suits you best. Regular meditation will improve many aspects of your life so I would highly recommend starting today if you don't do so already. I hope you enjoy these techniques as much as I do

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