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Day 19 - Water: What are we really drinking? #22DayChallenge

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Throughout this challenge, one thing that I have done consistently is drinking LOTS of water to flush out toxins and make sure my body is well hydrated. During a detox, it is important to drink extra water as you are eating less food and giving your internal organs a rest, Water goes where it needs to go and replenishes and revitalises you.

On Day 1 my skin was quite dry around my t-zone but right now the moisture is fully back in my skin and I can feel it is well hydrated. There are numerous benefits to drinking water, below is an image showing 12 benefits of drinking water with an image by sports samuri...

When we feel pangs of hunger, the majority of the time our body is just letting us know that we may be dehydrated and to drink more water. I have been fully committed to rehydrating my body on this challenge. Anytime I feel hunger (as I'm only eating between 1-3 pm) I make sure to drink either a glass of water or Herbal tea. When I lived in China it was popular to drink a cup of hot water which is also great for our body and some people add lemon to their water so this led me to start looking further into how we are drinking water and to be more conscious of the best ways to do this.

Water is one of the most important elements for all forms of life and is indispensable in the maintenance of life on Earth and essential for the composition and renewal of cells. Water represents 70% of our body, participates in the composition of our tissues, and transports the most diverse substances throughout our organism. It is something that we should pay more attention to.

I started watching 'Down to Earth' on Netflix which is a series based on how different countries are promoting healthy lifestyles and sustainable living by focusing on the natural resources they have in their community and it has really opened my eyes to a lot of things.

Bioaccumulation, sewerage, agricultural, industrial, radioactive, and thermal residues are the principal polluters of water on our planet.

What can we do to reduce water pollution?

In Episode 2 which focuses on what the French are doing, they meet the Deputy Mayor of Paris.

In 2010 they started a project to offer free still and sparkling water stations and fountains all across Paris. You can even download an app which lets you know where your nearest water stations are which is pretty cool. The mineral contents of the water are also listed at these water stations so Parisian People can see clearly what they are putting into their bodies and choose the water they prefer.

The Parisian Deputy Mayor also states that they are 1 of 500 cities in the world that are doing this for their people and all profits made from the sale of their water is put back into the city to invest in more water stations. They also have vending machines with long term bottles that you can buy near their water stations with the objective of reducing single-use water bottles. I absolutely love what they are doing...Go Paris!!

They also visited a Water Sommelier that brought out a range of waters from different countries to show that not all water tastes the same and he came out with a pretty interesting fact....

He also rates waters based on their TDS content which stands for 'Total Dissolved Solids'. The higher the TDS the stronger the taste and mineral content

Many of us have water filter jugs at home and have been told that purified water is the best for us to drink but he explains that this is an urban myth and clever marketing. We should avoid purified water if we can because it is basically boiled tap water and this is why

'Purified water or water filters strip water of essential minerals as well as harmful bacterias'

I had never thought of this before and to take it a step further; If we drink lots of purified water our bodies will go to where our minerals are stored and begin flushing them out so essential minerals become depleted. This was a game-changer for me. He recommends that we drink only 3 types of water.

  • Spring Water

  • Structured Water

  • Isolated Water

We should also drink water with high mineral content. Magnesium is something most people are lacking so it is an essential mineral that we should look for when drinking water along with Silica, Calcium and Potassium to name a few.

The best-bottled water that he recommends is called ROI and is produced in Slovenia. It has a high TSD level and full of essential minerals that our bodies will love.

Most of our tap water is heavily chlorinated or contains fluoride which is something else we should avoid as these chemicals can damage our bodies. Below is another solution which uses solar energy and a cobalt blue glass bottle and an example of structured water

Last year I did a H'oponopono Course and was given some further tools. Dr Huw Len recommends putting our water into a blue glass bottle and to allow it to charge in the sun for at least 3 hrs as this eradicates any harmful bacteria and recharges the water and changes its structure. Many students were reticent about doing this as we have been heavily indoctrinated to believe bottled or filtered water are the only safe and clean forms of drinking water but it is only NOW that I can see why he was against these.

Water is also conscious and can be reprogrammed so if you add some charged cobalt blue glass water to normal water it will change its structure almost immediately as the old water comes into resonance with the charged water. This is a great solution if you can't wait at least 3 hrs to charge it

Dr Masuru Emoto did further work on water crystals which showed what happened to water which had labels with positive connotations such as LOVE or PEACE and words that had negative connotations such as ANGER. You can clearly see by the images below that the water crystals are harmonised with the positively charged water and they are all discoloured and disjointed in the negatively charged water.

In conclusion, I hope this changes your perceptions of healthy drinking water. Our bodies want us to drink mineral-rich water and avoid chlorinated or filtered water.

Daily Tip: Water is also conscious and can be reprogrammed so if you add some charged cobalt blue glass water to normal water it will change its structure. This is a great solution if you can't wait at least 3 hrs to charge it

UPDATE: Since writing this blog I have attracted an exciting new quantum gadget that scans my body to see what minerals/vitamins I need so I now know specifically what my body needs and if you would like me to do a scan for you to send me an email

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