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Day 22 - Final Results: I lost 18lbs (8kgs) in 22 Days woo hoo #22DayChallenge

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Today is the final day of this 22 Day Challenge and as usual, it didn't go to plan but that's why I love doing these challenges, The first step is to make a commitment and set goals and just stick to the 22 Days to see what arises and I promise you, it will surprise you every time.

Lots of exciting things showed up and I overcame some challenges along the way which helped me to stretch my boundaries and grow even further. When we put our minds to something and focus on our goals we can really move mountains and achieve ANYTHING and that is why I write this daily blog, I want you to feel inspired to set your own personal challenges and to make friends with feeling uncomfortable and if you want help with that, I am more than happy to help you get there with your own 22 Day personal plan.

One of my favourite quotes is...

' A comfort zone can be a wonderful place, but nothing ever grows there'
It reminds me to continue to ask questions, be curious and above all things to not become stagnant as this is what keeps people stuck. I want to explore more of who I am and find out more of what is really possible and to show others how easy it is to let go of what no longer serves us and I REALLY hope you become inspired to start your own 22 Day Challenge.

I set 3 goals for this challenge and here are the results....

Goal #1 - Lose excess weight gained during lockdown

  • This was my main goal and focus during this challenge. I started off strong deciding on combining Intermittent Fasting with drinking Celery Juice twice a day.

  • Last year I did a 22 Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge when I was living in Gozo, Malta and stuck to a 16:6 ratio.

  • This time I wanted to push myself even further and decided on a 22:2 ratio and only ate one a meal a day between 1-3 pm and choosing to have a snack if I needed to 1 hr after my main meal

  • I chose to eat a Vegan/Vegetarian option 6 days a week and on a Sunday I had fish

  • In the 1st week, I lost 9 lbs in total which was phenomenal, but I didn't want to lose 9 lbs every week so I recalibrated my plan and focused on the other goals and lost a further 9 lbs in my final 2 weeks.

  • In total, I lost 18 lbs and was really happy with that. I had managed to go from 15 st 2lbs to 13 st 12 lbs and was happy to see myself back in the 13 st range

  • Initially, I wanted to lose 2 stone in total as I had been between 12-13 stone from the ages of 25-40 but the beautiful thing about these challenges is that you can change these goals and although that was my perfect weight range at that age, my 42-year-old self was different and I decided 13 st 7 lbs suited me better

  • CONCLUSION: I was very happy with my overall weight loss in these 22 Days. Only 5lbs more to reach my desired weight and not only is that achievable it is something I can focus on now that this challenge has ended

Goal#2 - Reduce Inflammation & Bloating

  • This was another key goal as my body went into hypersensitivity mode and it was time for a deep clean. I read so many good reports on Celery Juice and I have to say it really was the best option for me and I could feel the bloating go down within 1 day

  • I had to stop wearing shirts as my stomach would bloat and stretch the buttons. This started to happen after living in China and it was time to pull my body back into shape by also eliminating a lot of different foods by following a 22:2 Intermittent Fasting Plan. This might seem radical to some people but it suited me perfectly and had great results

  • By the end of the first week, the inflammation had gone down significantly as did the bloating,

  • I had some small flare-ups when I ate wheat which was great to find out so I eliminated this from my 22 Day Challenge after Day 4

  • Yoga postures and Ampuku also worked

  • CONCLUSION: I really hit this goal as well and was more than happy with the results I would recommend all of the above techniques to anyone that has food sensitivity or bloating issues

Goal#3 - Improve my overall level of fitness

  • I set this additional goal to see how far I could push myself and it is something I needed to improve but in truth when living on Celery Juice and only eating 1 meal a day I wasn't able to achieve the results I wanted to. However, it started off the process of getting back into shape and I started doing cardio again in the form of skipping so this goal was a stepping stone or a bridging goal to continue my journey after the 22 days.

  • It also let me play about with ideas of fitness I find fun. I'm not a gym guy as I prefer to exercise outdoors but it let me explore options.

  • CONCLUSION: I definitely had more energy but feel I have further to go. I'm glad I bought a skipping rope and new trainers as that is an incentive to work on this more until it is also another goal that is fully achieved so I'm still happy I set this goal

This marks the completion of my fourth 22 Day Challenge. My other challenges include

  1. 22 Days - Giving up smoking

  2. 22 Days of Yoga Shredding for men

  3. 22 Days of Intermittent fasting

Think about a 22 Day Challenge you would like to start yourself and let me know if I can help you

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