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Breaking Old Habits & Creating New Ones - Giving up Smoking #22DayChallenge

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

As I was launching the beginning of my new life, I decided that I wanted to give myself a 22 Day Challenge.

Why 22 Days?

It takes 21 days for the brain to form new neural pathways, to let go of an old habit and to create a new habit. I also wanted to use Day 1 to mentally prepare myself. Like any relationship you must honour it for what it has given you, enjoy it for what it gave you and then get ready to say goodbye. If you're a smoker, spend that day really enjoying those cigarettes, If you want to say goodbye to sugar or chocolate, go out and buy all your favourite sugary treats and really enjoy them as you prepare to say goodbye. If you need to take more than one day please do, it's important to do what works best for you and honour that pact

I am currently on Day 17 of my 22 Day Challenge and it has been quite the journey of discovery. I will include an excerpt from Day 6 and if you want to follow the journey click on the link below. It is not just about giving up smoking there are other tips to help you break any habit over the period of 22 DAYS.

I hope you enjoy!!


(Entering The Lions' Den)

As the day began I was bombarded with a new onslaught of triggers from the nicotine ninja. The first thing I saw was a recipe for a Chestnut Mushroom Bourguignon which contained a 1/3 bottle of red wine and later on I couldn't stop thinking about a recipe I'd seen for a Guinness based Irish Stew which also looked all kinds of delicious.

Now you might wonder as to what this has to do with smoking? Each person is different and the ego/mind does not like change so it will try whatever it has at its disposal to sabotage your efforts. Knowing Alcohol is my Achilles heel and my love for cooking the nicotine ninja was firing things at me left, right and centre so I decided on taking a different approach

I had 2 choices; I could either sit at home, staying away from any triggers and temptations in the outside world OR I could go out and have fun and face my biggest fears square in the face.

So I chose the latter, Not only that I walked up to the square and went into the nearest bar (in this case Andreas Coffee Shop) and ordered a big cold pint of CISK beer and enjoyed every ice-cold moment.

The difference for me this time is that I was willing to walk around and be amongst other smokers and drink alcohol because I'm no longer tempted or swayed. Each day is a choice and I choose this day to wake up another day being a non-smoker and that's all we can do, take it day by day and moment by moment.

#change #anxiety

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