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Day 18 - Light Language & Influential Numbers #22DayChallenge

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

I recently had a 90-minute session with a Multidimensional Light Language Channel from New York called Audrey Light Language. Her sessions are completely different from anything else out there and that's why I love them so much as we are being guided to tap into our inner gifts and use them in new innovative and exciting ways and she certainly does that and more. The sessions are divided into 3 parts.

1. Channelling Numbers

At the beginning, she asks for your full name from birth and then dives straight in as a river of numbers come through which I begin to write down as they come in 2 digit to 5 digit increments. As she channels the numbers and you continue writing, you can FEEL the numbers working on you instantaneously activating new possibilities and potentials within you. 

I could also feel tingles around my head and down my shoulders and it felt like a new energetic layer woven in light was being fitted to my body with new potentials.  

The last time I had a session was 2 years ago so I was curious to see how I had evolved over these last 2 years, what new potentials had been activated and so much more had come forward. In my last session the numbers filled half of an A4 page and this time it filled TWO A4 pages.

She has also had upgrades since our last session and this time I received a separate list of booster numbers which do exactly that. They are more subtle but go together perfectly with the first list and I could feel how different this was to the last time and was excited about this new add-on. 

All numbers channelled are specifically channelled for your own soul growth and potential, I keep mine private as they should only be spoken out loud by you and for you.  

Why does she channel numbers? 

She started off channelling light language and then the numbers started coming through. Her guides say that numbers cannot be corrupted or misinterpreted like words and have a much purer form and resonance and therefore start working on you much faster because there is no resistance from our conscious mind to receiving numbers. 

Whilst listening to Kryon many moons ago, I remember him talking about Influential Numbers and this is something that I have always remembered. Kryon said 

As soon as your mathematicians start understanding that numbers don't just exist on a piece of paper (2D) but are alive (Multidimensional) then unsolved mathematical equations will begin to solve themselves as the mathematician intuitively decodes each section. Each number has power and influence whether used on its own or in sequence. In sequence, they communicate with each other and this is why we will call this new branch of mathematics; Influential numbers.  

These are not his words verbatim but that is the gist I got from this.

I have studied 3 forms of Numerology myself and the Pythagorean method was the one that I got the best results from. As I developed this skill further I started creating Numerology reports for people and could feel a natural affinity with how the numbers communicated in different ways especially when I looked at relationships but Audrey takes it to a whole new level and you can really feel the Influential numbers in action.

2. Light Language Once the numbers were channelled and checked we moved on to the Light Language section. Light Language is the root of all languages and there are many dialects. I am an English language teacher and can speak Irish (Gaelige), Spanish and Korean so understand the mechanics, function and purpose of languages. Our languages are linear and within Audrey's light language I can hear French, Hawaiian and Maori but she also weaves in Quantum Language in various tones, pitches and dialects along with Native American Indian Chanting jumping from one to the next. The one I resonate the most with is the Faeries which touches our hearts and works more deeply with the Inner Child. I have been told by a few mentors along my life path that I have a strong Fae/Elemental energy so this makes sense and another element of surprise was given to me through these sessions. All my life without even knowing it I have been communicating with the Fae as I heard tones during both sessions that I naturally have done and thought it was jibberish but I see now that it was in my DNA all this time, coming out when needed. We have many aspects within us that lie dormant in our multi-dimensional DNA waiting to be activated so I'm excited to see what other aspects of my being come through.

During this section, the Beings of Light come through and worked on my coccyx (my brother and I had strange injuries to this area in our early 20s so it was clearly in our DNA) They did clearings from my heart and activated more of my higher heart and the back of my heart but the thing that they worked on most was my throat. I have had something from many lifetimes lodged in here, protecting me from putting my gifts fully out into the world because in previous lifetimes when I did it had dire repercussions. 22 years after my awakening it is now time for that to be released and I have felt a floodgate of creativity coming through with ideas and people are coming forward to work with me in the most exciting ways so I am so grateful to start working more fully with my intuition and put all of my creations out into the world.

Beings of Light In this section, the Beings of Light come through to answer any questions that you may have about your life path and development. The first thing they said was thank you for continuing to hold and shine your light so brightly and being a way-shower for others. We always think we can be doing more and I was asking how I can tap into my other aspects and inner gifts and they say all will be activated when we are a vibrational match to that frequency and everything is inside waiting for that perfect moment. They answered other more personal questions and kept reaffirming that they were so pleased with the choices I have been making and to keep charging ahead. I feel this is why I received so many numbers today and new aspects of light language as I'm ready to take things to a whole new level.

Stargate Meditation Progress At the end of the session, Audrey asked me what I had been doing since our last session 2 years ago and I was telling her that I have been doing the Stargate Workshops and Meditations daily for the last 2 years and she told me this. 1. Keep on doing them because you are going waaaay beyond 5D and making the upper dimensions more accessible to other people on the planet and the light beings love you for that. You say you go up to the 12th dimension but let me tell you that you are going even beyond that as the numbers that were channelled today have only been given to one other person and that person has been working with Audrey for years so we are greatly impressed with your development and that you have been able to do so in this way. 2. The Light Beings also told me to continue being a trailblazer. Many lightworkers out there are holding the light which is a great thing but they are continuing to repeat what has been done before and now is a time to be brave and create anew. Right now on this planet, there are light codes which have never been here before and new energy that wants you to explore and be curious and find new ways of expressing it through inspired action. Continue experimenting and finding the best way to express this energy through your being by following your passion and seeing what arises but most of all BE fearless because the energy within the crystalline grid is there to support you. Don't be afraid to fall because you have wings now.

I have done 95% of the Stargate workshops and meditations continuously for 2 years now allowing my intuition to guide me on which ones to repeat and I feel different and have been able to go much deeper within the meditations. I'm excited to repeat the Going Quantum Workshop for the 2nd time on Friday as the first time round opened me up in so many ways along with the session from Audrey Light Language.

Continue to follow your own nudges and intuitions and see what else is possible.

If you want to book a session with Audrey this is her website and the link below that is for the workshops to the Stargate Meditation in case you want to explore these further

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